A Little About Myself

I was raised in Catawissa and lived between both the Pennsy & Reading Lines, the tracks where only a block apart from each other. My parent's house was closer to the Reading Lines, So close that I remember my mother putting the nicknacks back where they belong every month. At that time it was nothing to see freight trains four timesa day pass by. The Railroad Station was only a couple blocks away, but in my younger days, I wasn't aloud to hang out there!

Anyhow, I'm self employed since I was 18 and never stopped buying and restoring antique cars, horse draw wagons, potbelly stoves, one arm bandit, etc. I have this thing with the past that I enjoy doing. There's not too much of anything that's old, I didn't have my hands on onetime or another.

That's one reason I ended up with the Catawissa Train Station in 1979. I was only 28 years old than and it was in very bad state when I purchased it, I put up all my other properties for a Bank loan to restore it back to its original shape, Little did I know that the prime rate was going up to 22% in a couple years. Which put things on hold. In time I had to sell all my other property to keep this old Station from being ripped down or burned like other great landmarks of our time. To me it was worth all the hard time that went with holding on to the station. I'm glad to say things are a lot better now. Maybe someday I'll slow down get married and raise a little one?



I also like trout fishing in our Pennsylvania Mountains when I get time. By the way our Trout are bigger than this one!

After this big catch, I went to the SHOT-IN-THE-DARK and had a drink or 2, 3, 4, ??? And told the story of this trout that got away.


the Catawissa Railroad

"Preserving Our Railroad Heritage"


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