Check the car on the photo, lower right side.
This is the station, I restore in 1979 and added 13 railroad cabooses in 1996.
Wish I had the car.

Model A Ford Club of New Jersey visits The Catawissa Station on June 13, 1999

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Berlene Horn, President of the club and members where touring the area and stop by.

Here are some photos,  I took of the great looking Model A they have!

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I remember when in our small town, it was great to hear a rooster crow in the morning.
Now-a-days, you have to buy a recording to hear that or the real thing might put you in jail.
By the way if you hear or see this outlaw immigrant next to your caboose, keep it our secret.


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Thanks For Stopping By

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Great Site Below

Model A Ford Club of America, Inc. (MAFCA )

250 South Cypress, La Habra CA 90631-5586

We are know making up a Railroad Membership Discount Directory, 10% off, on overnight caboose rentals.
To any Railway Historical and Antique Automobiles Societies listed with us.
If your origination is interested, please email me with your link and I'll post it on our new site

Check Out  Reservations   For the list

Best Call Early Mornings



Rate $95 to $160.00 a day + Tax
$15 per exrta person in each case.

These two cabooses are completely redone over with new knotty pine wood work, AC, heaters, refrigerators and microwaves.

The other cabooses will be painted there original colors inside with no appliances.
When done these will be $45 a night.

Bring your camera, Only 300ft away 6 to 10 trains pass a day on The Canadian Pacific Railway
and its subsidiary companies, St. Lawrence & Hudson Railroad.

13 Cabooses on display

  Location: (The Catawissa Branch of the Reading Railroad Lines). Route 42 & 487 from interstate 80 & 81.
Comments: 13 Cabooses or Cabins on Display next to The Catawissa Train Station. No Charge / Free Admission. Open All Year. Two cabooses available for overnight stays.
Go to a Mapblast! map of this city.