Being Restored By Walter Gosciminski


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UPDATE  happy.gif (2646 bytes) 01/14/98    Just put a deposit on bridge

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01/28/98    Just brought the bridge & property, Plans are below

Before                                                                               After

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 This is what it look like 07/09/98 below        
                                                       Same location one month later

 bridge2weeds.jpg (51434 bytes)     bridge2noweeds.jpg (100856 bytes)

                              2 months later

bridge1.03.26,98.jpg (81625 bytes)        bridge1.06.08.98.JPG (61550 bytes)

Sept. 25/98     Finally!!!!

Sat three Cabooses on the Bridge

billh2.jpg (49515 bytes)

Lifting a Reading Railroad Caboose
Conrail # 22139

bridgeLV09.25.98.jpg (42655 bytes)

Lifting one of the
Lehigh Valley Cabooses

These cabooses will be restored to there original colors

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Now the fun part
painting these   cabins.



Sept. 30, 1998      Put on first coat of paint        

lvbefore1998.09.30@11.36.46.jpg (42563 bytes)

Oct. 01, 1998   Did trim work & windows               lvafter1998.10.01@13.10.24.jpg (53072 bytes)


Oct. 02, 1998 Working on the other Lehigh Valley Caboose!   Oct. 03, 1998 Finish coat of paint.

lvportholebefore1998.10.01@13.17.24.jpg (42915 bytes)

Bill is sandblasting the caboose.                                  
Next will be the trim and windows

 lvportholeafter1998.10.02@12.31.10.jpg (33458 bytes)

The history of these bridges at: Walter Gosciminski
Catawissa Historical Train Station

03/19/98    Just brought Shuman RR Tunnel and 4.3 miles can be seen at          Next Project


119 Pine Street
Catawissa, Pa. 17820
Voice 570-356-2345
Fax  570-356-7876


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We are near Bloomsburg, Danville, Berwick, Harrisburg, Sunbury, Williamsport, Reading, Milton, Lewisburg. Also we are close to Knoebel's Park one of the best Family entertainment around. Knoebels coaster, The Phoenix One of the Top 10 Coasters in the World! Train Ride.  Knoebel's Amusement Park in Elysburg, Pennsylvania. This exciting family destination is one of the largest free-admission parks in the country. + Bloomsburg Fair, held annually in September/October, Pennsylvania's biggest fair.

Park group again names Knoebels top family spot

ELYSBURG — Knoebels Amusement Park and Resort was voted "Best Park for Families" by members of the National Amusement Park Historical Association (NAPHA).

Knoebels beat out Walt Disney World and other parks from across the country for the honor, according to a NAPHA press release.

The local park has been voted the top spot for families since 1999.

In other categories:

 The Phoenix roller coaster was voted "Favorite Wooden Coaster" by group members for the second time in three years.

 Knoebels tied for "Favorite Traditional Park" with Kennywood, which is located near Pittsburgh.

 The park tied for second in the "Most Beautiful Park" category; a park in the Netherlands was also voted second. The top choice was Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Va.

NAPHA is the country's largest amusement park enthusiast organization. The results were from its 19th annual Amusement Parks and Attractions survey.

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UPDATE            June 07, 2003
6 of our 14 cabooses have bathrooms, 5 with showers

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June 21, 1999
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