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I plan on laying track later this year and placing 10 cabooses on this bridge to be used as Vacation Rentals

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 17 Arches
Concrete Viaduct Railroad Bridge 


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small  railroad crossing lights

Middle of Rupert Railroad Bridge

Mark took this photo in Sept 74, you can see a Reading Caboose crossing this bridge


The last time we worked on this bridge was 1998 and it was the smaller one over the Pennsylvania Canal

You'll see a link below to my other site, on everything we did in 1998




If everything goes planned, we will be removing the fill from the concrete arch bridge on the north side.

Once we remove the fill, it should look like it did in these photos


Concrete 17 Arches Viaduct Railroad Bridge 

Was built by the Philadelphia and Reading  Railroad as an approach to the new bridge.

The Way it Look in 1906

17 Arches Viaduct Railroad Bridge 


Little History on This Bridge in 1932

The Phoenix Bridge Company in Phoenixville, Pa.
Built this 9 Span Railroad Bridge for the Reading Railroad Co. in the year of 1933/34

1933 Winning Bid Price $184,263.00 - Time of completion 135 working days.
Mr. Clark Dillenbeck, Chief Engineer, Reading Company, 505 Reading Terminal, Philadelphia, award the bid to Mr. Clyde MacCornack, General Manager & Chief Engineer of the Phoenix Bridge Co. on March 1st, 1933



I'm also looking for items on the Reading Railroad Rupert Bridge built in 1933 by Phoenix Bridge Company in Phoenixville, Pa and Engineering News - Record Mag. Nov 22, 1934 issue. Please Email me! If you have any photos or information. I own this 9 span bridge & doing a history report. THANKS

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The Catawissa railroad was only 63 miles in length, for a distance of 30 miles it traveled one of the wildest mountain wildernesses in the country. It had three tunnels plus seven bridges and trestles.

It was the bridges which brought the greatest fame and were long talked about by those who saw them or made the trip across them in the days of early passenger service.

The Bridge before was 9 spans, Burr truss, each 155 feet-total length 1395 feet


Southern_pacific.gif - (12K)

Same Bridge as above, but when the Pennsy crossed the Reading Line

PRR Crossed this line at this point in November 1868

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 Work we did in 1998 moved 3 cabooses on the smaller bridge at Rupert, Pa

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